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From Neeraj Bajaj <Neeraj.Ba...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [Vote] Add NekoHTML to Xerces
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 22:41:47 GMT
> Neil Graham wrote:
> I'm cc'ing xerces-j-dev on this one; I didn't see this note go there
> originally and if it's a vote of Xerces-J folks that's wanted, that list
> should probably know.  :-)
> There's no doubt of the need for a robust HTML parser.  But as the
> questions we get asking why an XML parser can't handle some given HTML doc
> show, there does seem to be some danger of confusing people with respect to
> how XML and HTML differ.
> But NekoHTML is pretty clearly an application of XNI, and intimately uses
> other components of Xerces.  So I think the idea of making it a subproject
> of Xerces serves the need best


--but I'd like to see it as separate as
> possible; something like
>      xml-xerces/java/neko
> complete with its own build file, its own docs, src directory, packaging
> scheme etc.  Obviously it would reference Xerces code, but I don't want to
> put a task in the Xerces build file for this subproject because there are
> already a ton of tasks here; I'd even be in favour of this subproject
> having its own releases that might not necessarily match those of the
> parent project.

> If folks are made uncomfortable by the fact that NekoHTML gets this
> isolation while the WML/HTML DOM implementations, as much modules to Xerces
> as NekoHTML, are currently treated as integral parts, perhaps we could turn
> this subproject into an "accessories" subproject and make all three
> components live there.    

  NekoHTML uses core components of Xerces and XNI. We are pretty much stable 
with XNI now and I dont expect core components and utilities of Xerces to change 
which NekoHTML makes use of. So, I feel NekoHTML can be developed as a sideline 
with Xerces2 developement. It would also be good idea to separate out components 
(HTML/WML DOM) which are not "core" to XML parser. It has been pending for a 
long time. These different components can live together and flourish without 
being dependent upon Xerces.
	I would second Neil's comment for this subproject to have its own build 
file, src directory etc.. etc.. and having its separate releases. There should 
be link of the subproject from the main Xerces2 
(http://xml.apache.org/xerces2-j) page, which would take user to the sub-project 
pages having descriptions and information about the content of it.


Neeraj B.
Sun Microsystems, inc.

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