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From "Peter Nuetzel - inglobo" <peter.nuet...@inglobo.de>
Subject Re: XML based Java prog called by ASP
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 13:43:15 GMT

do I understand right, you start a java application (incl. VM) from a http
based ASP script?
I would not recommand to do this. That means that on every request the java
VM is started and your application executed. This is _very_ slow. Better
would be to use Java Servlets or JSP for your webapplication or even
implementing your application as Server which talks via sockets or some
kind of RPC to the ASP client...
But if you still want to proceed try out the classpath parameter of the
java command. With Java2:
java -cp path_to_your_java_libs YourMainClass


P.S: I think this is a off topic on this list - try some general or
beginner java list.

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Von: Payal Dutt <payal_dutt2001@yahoo.com>

>   Am having a java based XML appln that is being
>called by ASP script......the Java appln has database
>calls and it works well as a stand alone.But when am
>using the ASP script to instantiate the java class it
>throws me a Class NotFOUnd Exception when it comes to
>finding the Driver class.The reason I believe is since
>ASP script calls the java prog the environment in ASP
>is unable to recognize the JDBC API.IS there any
>suggestions on making this a workable code?Please
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