This is to announce the release Xerces C++ 1.7.0.

Highlights of this version:
   - Support SAX2-ext's DeclHandler.
   - Directory sane_include reorganization
   - More IDOM test cases - port IDOMMemTest, and merge ThreadTest and IThreadTest.
   - Support IconvFBSD in multi-threading environment.
   - Use IDOM in schema processing for faster performance.
   - Add Project files for BCB6.
   - Port to Caldera (SCO) OpenServer.
   - Support the new MacOSURLAccessCF NetAccessor 
   - Plus more bug fixes, leak fixes and performance improvement

This is a source and binary ( AIX, HP11, Linux, Solaris, Windows) release.
You may download it from http://xml.apache.org/dist/xerces-c/stable/

See http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c/index.html for details.


Tinny Ng
XML Parsers Development
IBM Toronto Laboratory, email: