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From scott_b...@us.ibm.com
Subject Notes on XML PMC telcon, March 26, 2002
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 13:22:49 GMT
These are my informal notes from the PMCs conference call yesterday.
Disclaimer: this is just from memory... we didn't take formal minutes (my
bad, I guess).

Ted Leung
Scott Boag
Sam Ruby
Davanum Srinivas (dims)

Not Present:
Dirk-Willem van Gulik

> 1) Discuss JCP/JSPA problems that have been rolling on the JCP Apache
<jcp@apache.org> list.  What is it all about, and what does it mean to us?
Sam should present.  See http://jakarta.apache.org/site/jspa-position.html,

Sam gave general overview of issue.

Resolution was that no current action need be taken.  Wait for Sun to
change JSPA.

Scott asks question about what the process is for "blessing" an JSR
implementation.  Sam takes action to ask the JCP list.

> 2) Discuss "JAXP licensing issue from general@jakarta" that Shane Curcuru
sent to the PMC.  Note from Shane appended.  This is directly related to
the first item, I think.  We should send a formal response to him and the
general list.

We think this is the same issue as #1, or close enough.  Resolution was
that no current action need be taken.  Wait for Sun to change JSPA.

The issue of JAXP/SAX/DOM duplication of interfaces (and subtle changes) in
Xerces comes up.  Scott states that either all projects should use
xml-commons, or we should give up the notion.  Ted takes action to raise
this in Xerces land.

> 3) Licensing issues.  Despite my dropping the ball on this, are we all
covered at this point?

There is still some issue about the IBM licenses.  Ted states that Dirk has
action to run these by ASF legal.  (Ted and Dirk may want to clarify).

We should be all covered except for jisp & jimmy in Cocoon.  Dims takes
action to ask Cocoon to defend or delete, or else get the jisp and jimmy
owners to change status.  We ask for 2-week target deadline to get this

> 4) General health of PMC.  Is the PMC active enough?

Scott states that sometimes he feels we should be more active, but, on the
other hand, less is more. Sam states that there have been no complaints.
Dims states that we need to have more in the way of Web Services.  Scott
asks if it is the PMC's responsibility to solicit projects.  Sam thinks it
is up to us to define.  Sam also states that he thinks Web Services
projects are coming.

Scott asks if there is something more the PMC can do to solicit Company
corporate collaboration and full time resources.  Only IBM, Sun, and Macro
Media have been donating full time resources, to our knowledge.  Ted or
Dims (I forget which) speculates that perhaps there's an application space
that we should be targeting more.  Scott states that we should maybe write
some guidelines on "why companies should donate resources", what they get
out of it, etc., the kind of thing that could be taken to various
management.  Mumbling and brainstorming.  To be continued.

Should we have conference calls once a week, or perhaps once every two
weeks?  Maybe.  In any case, we schedule another conference call for next

> 5) New projects?

Not specifically discussed.

> 6) Other issues?

Not specifically discussed.


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