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From Edwin Goei <edwi...@sun.com>
Subject Re: About third-party software in ASF distributions
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 03:30:48 GMT
Shane Curcuru wrote:
> However, if you look at the CVS tags, you can kind of see which
> versions of the files were used as the base of Sun's official JAXP
> releases.  Of course Apacheites can't promise that our versions will
> be/are the actual versions that Sun will ship with a particular version
> x.y.z, but I'm betting in reality they're close.

The latest JAXP RI 1.2.0 code comes directly from Apache CVS so the code
you see in the RI is what you can find in CVS.  The actual code does not
correspond exactly to Apache released versions, however, b/c we have
different release schedules and create a branch when we are about to
release and then go back to the trunk after the release.  The branches
and tags show which snapshot is used in the Sun RI code.  There are some
minor differences like the Manifest.MF file is not in the apache

BTW, one major difference is the packaging of the API jar files.  The
latest JAXP RI 1.2.0 has three separate API jar files: jaxp-api.jar,
sax.jar, dom.jar.  It was a contentious issue internally, but this is
what resulted.  The main reason is that J2SE 1.4 contains endorsed
standards such as DOM and SAX, but the javax.xml.* packages are not
endorsed so they needed to be in a separate jar file.  So there are
unfortunately, 6 jar files to deal with including the 3 implementation
jars: xalan.jar, xsltc.jar, xercesImpl.jar.

This scheme is compatible w/ Apache so if a user needs a new Xalan bug
fix, they can download the xalan.jar from apache and substitute that for
the one in the JAXP RI.


PS: Sorry, if I missed some email, I haven't had a chance to read Apache
mail list recently.

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