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From Elliotte Rusty Harold <elh...@metalab.unc.edu>
Subject RE: version numbers in jars
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 17:57:22 GMT
At 11:29 AM -0500 2/21/02, Glen Daniels wrote:
>Oh, I misunderstood what you were wanting.
>A big -1 to naming all jars with version #s.  I can't think of a 
>bigger pain in the keister than having to revamp my classpath 
>settings every time a library revs.

You're still using the classpath for jars? I only do that when I want 
to change the classpath on a per-run basis, in which case I am 
changing it and using the version number is not a problem. However, 
for standard libraries like xerces.jar that are shared among multiple 
applications I just dump them in my ext directory and forget about 
them. It's much easier than changing the classpath.  My normal 
classpath doesn't contain any jar archives, just directories of my 
own compiled code that hasn't been bundled into a jar.

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