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From "Larry E. Kim" <la...@altova.com>
Subject [announce] XML Spy 4.3 Suite available - SOAP Debugger & XPath Analyzer
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2002 18:14:27 GMT
Dear Apache-XML subscribers,

We are pleased to announce the availability of XML Spy 4.3 Suite,
available immediately as a free trial or as a free upgrade to current
XML Spy 4.x customers.

The following is a summary of several key new features in XML Spy 4.3

- The XML Spy SOAP Debugger acts as a web services proxy between a web
services client and server, letting you inspect WSDL files, single-step
through web services transactions, inspect every request and response
XML document, set breakpoints on SOAP functions (either on the request
or on the response), and even define conditional breakpoints that
trigger if a certain request or response contains selected data that is
specified by means of an XPath query.  XML Spy 4.3 supports web services
development and debugging on all major web services platforms including
Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft .NET.

- A powerful new XPath Analyzer has been added into the XML Spy IDE to
facilitate testing and debugging of XPath expressions for use in XSLT
stylesheets or XML Schema Identity Constraints.  The XPath Analyzer can
be used in either Grid or Text Views to evaluate & visualize in
real-time, the resulting node set of any XPath expression. If the result
is a list of nodes, each node can be highlighted in the grid or text
views simply by clicking on the node in the result list window.

- Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SQLXML support - The XML Spy 4 IDE's schema
editor now includes full development support for XML Schemas which
include Microsoft SQLXML extensions, for use in mapping XML schemas to
relational databases.  SQLXML is a powerful technology which effectively
bridges the gap between Extensible Markup Language (XML) and relational
data by creating XML views of relational data, abstracting away the
underlying data format.

- Many other features including support for editing JavaServer Pages
(JSP) and many other J2EE configuration files; an extended API for the
XML Spy 4 Document Editor; the ability to mount external folders in the
project view (from file system, ftp server, or WebDAV repository),
substantial performance and memory optimizations, and much more.

Download a free trial or upgrade now! 


Larry Kim
Altova - The XML Spy Company.

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