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From Edwin Goei <edwi...@sun.com>
Subject Re: Crimson questions
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 18:56:45 GMT
Simon McClenahan wrote:
> I want to bundle a JAXP compliant XML parser with my application, with
> the requirement that the jar file is as small as possible. From what I
> can tell, between Crimson, Xerces1 and Xerces2, I am using Crimson
> because of its smaller jar size. However, if there is a way to
> distribute Xerces2 without all the classes that I don't use so that it
> reduces the size of the jar, that would be preferable.
> Now that I'm using Crimson, I have a technical question about
> serialization, and apparently this list is the only forum for Crimson
> discussion.

The serialization interface you are using will tie your app to Crimson. 
Another way is to use javax.xml.transform, but that would conflict w/
keeping your app small.  Another option is to require running on JDK 1.4
which includes JAXP within it so you would not need to bundle anything
w/ your app.  Also see the JAXP FAQ at
http://xml.apache.org/~edwingo/jaxp-faq.html#output for more info.  That
page also has pointers to other non-Apache parsers.

> I can serialize a Document fine, but I haven't figured out how to
> serialize any other type of DOM Node. My code is:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>         public static String serializeToString(Node aNode) {
>                 String myResult = null;
>                 // Crimson implementation
>                 StringWriter myStringWriter = new StringWriter();
>                 short myNodeType = aNode.getNodeType();
>                 try {
>                         switch (myNodeType) {
>                                 case Node.DOCUMENT_NODE :
>                                          ((XmlDocument)
> aNode).write(myStringWriter, XMLUtils.ENCODING_UTF_8);
>                                         break;
>                                 default :
>                                         XmlDocument myXmlDocument =
> (XmlDocument) aNode.getOwnerDocument();
>                                         myXmlDocument.writeChildrenXml(
> myXmlDocument.createWriteContext(myStringWriter, 0));
>                                         break;
>                         }
>                 } catch (IOException e) {
>                         String myMsg = "Unable to serialize DOM Node: "
> + e.getMessage();
>                         throw new RuntimeException(myMsg);
>                 }
>                 myResult = myStringWriter.toString();
>                 return myResult;
>         }
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> However, the default non-Document case returns an empty String. From
> what I can tell this is because Crimson does not see any children of the
> given DOM Node and exits early without serializing anything.
> Specifically, I would like to serialize an Element. Do I have to write a
> hack that creates a new XmlDocument, import the Element, then serialize
> the XmlDocument without the XML header information currently hard coded
> in XmlDocument.write() ?

If you or anyone else wants to figure it out, I'd start looking at the
code in org/apache/crimson/tree/ElementNode and ElementNode2.java.


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