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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [3rd party jar] w3c
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 18:17:45 GMT
---- you Guillaume Rousse <rousse@ccr.jussieu.fr> wrote ----
> Yes, it requires a net connection, but from
> where did you get your initial source tarball anyway ?

Well, a couple of points:
-- The initial download requires a net connection somewhere, but many
folks only download once and then work on that copy for a while.  I
don't mind that, but I would mind having to wait for the net connection
for every time I recompile something.  (While having to do this only
the first time you build a new download is better, it's still quite
annoying and is difficult to document).

-- What about the developer who works for a larger organization who got
the distro from some internal network at their site?  That individual
may *never* actually have an external net connection - they may only
work on an intranet, where some other member on the team downloaded the
sources or distros for them to an internal server.  Don't laugh, I have
dealt with exactly this kind of situation in the past.

I guess in the larger scale, this is part of a meta-issue of the
overall usability of Apache projects for any potential user out there -
including non-technical users.  
My preference is to try to do the little extra bit of coordination and
work on our part to enable those folks who *don't* happen to already be
expert developers to be able to quickly and easily use our projects. 
But that's just my perspective.  8-)

- Shane

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