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From Stephan Michels <step...@vern.chem.tu-berlin.de>
Subject Question for new projects
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 21:24:46 GMT

I have some question about new projects for xml.apache.org. I
have two project on my hands, which I want to give the apache
community. The first project is created in a very great Project
with limited resources(www.vs-c.de). I could persuade the leader
of the project, give the source free under the apache licence.
This project isn't really big.

It is a MathML converter. It's converts MathML expressions to
GIF and SVG through a Cocoon sitemap component. For scienctists,
like me, there is big demand to publish mathematical expressions
in the WWW. And at his moment, there aren't many posibillities
to do this.

This project could be a subproject for cocoon, because it makes
intensive use of the cocoon. But in the furture, I want to write
a ant task to be independ from the cocoon. The converter can also
use to help the fop to display MathML, using the SVGConverter.
Perhaps in the future it can use the Area tree from the fop.

So my question want you pushing this project under yours?

And my second project have I written in my free time. It's LALR(1)
Parser. No no, not like yacc od bison like the others. As i learnd
XML, I saw many ways to create from XML every thing like text files,
PDF, HTML etc. By no way to from a simple text document to a XML file.
So my basic idea was to create a parser with known technics for
parser generator and merge its the XML technics.

So yet I have my first version completed. This parser not a parser
generator. Its a pure parser, which could parse a text document with a
given grammar, written im XML. It should parse micro fragments like
"5+6*7-a", or a hole java file.

It can to used to convert latex to xml, it can also used
to hightlight the syntax of a java.

What does you mean, is there a demand for my projects?

Thank you for your attention.

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