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From ne...@ca.ibm.com
Subject Re: URGENT: 3rd Party jar's in apache CVS need immediate action.
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 02:56:31 GMT
Hi Dirk,

To the best of my knowledge, here's the status of Xerces Java:

>junit          . 3.7 .
>          xml-cocoon2 xml-security xml-xerces

JUnit is under the IBM Public License.  To my thoroughly un-lawyerly
understanding, this license allows redistribution in binary or source form.
Since we're distributing only binaries, it doesn't even oblige us to
distribute the license, so long as the license we're distributed under
conforms to certain minimum provisions.  Looks to me like the Apache public
license conforms to those provisions--so we should be set even as things
stand--though no doubt including a copy of that license can't hurt.
A more legally-informed opinion much appreciated!

>optional       .
>          xml-xerces

>From what I can tell--and I had nothing to do with adding this jar!--this
is just Ant in disguise.  Hence there's no problem.  But, since we're also
not using this "optional" jar in any way, there's no need either; I'll make
sure this gets whacked as soon as Xerces-J 2.0.0 comes out (should be later

>xerces                   . 1.4.4 3.1 4.4.1

That's us.  :-)  What's the deal with these version numbers though? 1.4.4
exists but neither of the others do.

>ant       3 1.1 4_1 . 1 1.4.1 .
>          xml-cocoon2 xml-fop xml-xalan xml-xalan xml-xerces

In our case, that is indeed Jakarta ant.

>style-apachexml          .
>          xml-xerces

This was in Xerces-J 1; gone from Xerces-J 2.  But it was a set of of our
own stylesheets, so is no problem.

>xalan          2.0.1 . . . 2.0.1
>          xml-batik xml-stylebook xml-xerces xml-xerces xml-xindice

That's xalan.


That's Apache's stylebook.

So I think Xerces-J is all right; we've got some clean-up to do but there
should be no serious issues here.


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