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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject LogKit 1.0.1 Released
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 16:29:44 GMT
LogKit 1.0.1 Released
  The Avalon team is proud to announce the 1.0.1 final
  release of LogKit.

About Avalon
  The Avalon project is Apache's Java Server Framework.
  It is separated into five sub projects: Framework,
  Excalibur, LogKit, Cornerstone, and Phoenix. Its
  purpose is to simplify server side programming for
  Java based projects. It formalizes serveral best
  of breed practices and patterns for server side programming.

For more information about Avalon, please go to

About LogKit 1.0.1
  LogKit is an easy to use logging toolkit designed
  for secure performance oriented logging. It's design
  encourages integration into existing products
  with minimal impact.

For more information about LogKit 1.0.1, please go to

ChangeLog for LogKit 1.0.1

*)  Fixed spelling in the documentation files. [PD]

*)  Fix javadoc warnings from "@returns" tags used instead
  of "@return". [PD]

*)  added new constructors to produce better readable
  file names in the File Strategy classes. [GP]

*)  Added fixes to AsyncLogTarget: Make sure that the
  LogTarget delegated to cannot disrupt thread by
  throwing an exception. Remove uneeded step from
  documentation. [PD]

*)  Many improvements to PatternFormatter including:
  Made it possible to specify the format of date in the
  auxilliary parameter of the format for dates. Cached
  the date and DateFormatter objects so that they are
  not created every time a LogEvent is formatted. Added
  a getRTime() method to format relative time. Just
  delegates to getTime at the moment for backwards
  compatability. [PD]

*)  Made sure that additivity is transitive (in Logger)
  - even when you only inherit your loggers from your
  parent. [PD]

*)  Added isPriorityEnabled() method to Logger to determine
  if specified priority is enabled. [PD]

*)  Various build improvements. [LM]

Downloads for LogKit 1.0.1 available at


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