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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Avalon Excalibur 4.1 Released
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 19:46:30 GMT
Avalon Excalibur 4.1 Released
  The Avalon team is proud to announce the 4.1 final
  release of the Avalon Excalibur.

About Avalon
  The Avalon project is Apache's Java Server Framework.
  It is separated into five sub projects: Framework,
  Excalibur, LogKit, Cornerstone, and Phoenix. Its
  purpose is to simplify server side programming for
  Java based projects. It formalizes serveral best
  of breed practices and patterns for server side programming.

For more information about Avalon, please go to

About Avalon Excalibur 4.1
  Avalon Excalibur contains several premade Avalon
  Components and utilities to make your server side
  programming easier. There are several pool implementations,
  Component management implementations, and database
  management implementations.

For more information about Avalon Excalibur 4.1, please go to

ChangeLog for Avalon Excalibur 4.1

*)  Initial port of Cocoon's Source resolvers and XML
  parsers [CZ]

*)  Added many fixes to the XML Resource Bundles and Resource
  Bundle access code. [NP]

*)  Update the extension management code and make it
  more robust. [PD]

*)  Add new Container abstraction to separate ComponentManager
  from Container code (i.e. ExcaliburComponentManager
  violates this). The new ContainerManager and Container
  abstraction make the system much easier to manage. [BL]

*)  Add new CommandManager architecture to manage all
  asynchronous commands and the ThreadManager architecture
  to manage the thread allocation policy for the CommandManager. [BL]

*)  New component to handle automatic XML Catalog resolution. [DP]

*)  Many improvements to the cache component. Extended
  cache validation support, multiple store backends,
  and more. [EP]

*)  Add an XPathProcessor abstraction Component with
  ThreadSafe implementations for Jaxen and Xalan
  backed XPath processors. [JT]

*)  Made automatic proxy code even more robust. [PD]

*)  Add support for recursive property resolution.
  Added appropriate unit test to accompany feature. [PD]

*)  Optimized pool implementations, and provided a
  new abstraction for managed pools (in scratchpad). [BL]

*)  Add many new LogTargetFactories to LogKitManager. [GP]

*)  Add new LoggerManager abstraction that works with
  the new framework Logger abstractions. [BL]

*)  Fixed some classloader issues in the i18n package
  for loading resources. Also fixed some i18n related
  issues in FileUtil and IOUtil. [PD]

*)  Applied many optimizations and logic fixes to DataSourceComponent
  code. [LM]

*)  Applied fixes to ReadWriteLock from Avi Drissman
  (drissman@acm.org) [BL]

*)  Officially deprecate Lock in favor of Mutex. They
  have the same purpose, and Mutex is more correct. [BL]

*)  Optimize logging calls throughout components.
  Also, make the log messages more informative. [BL]

*)  ListUtils now checks for duplicates when merging
  Lists. [PD]

*)  Make BinaryHeap and PriorityQueue use Objects instead
  of Comparables. Optimize BinaryHeap code. [PD]

*)  Add new Buffer classes to the collections package.
  These are amazingly performant. It is based on CircularBuffer,
  which is now deprecated. [BL]

*)  Shake out some more performance of CLI Util, as well
  as better support for DUPLICATES_ALLOWED. [BL]

*)  Added some build improvements. [LM]

*)  Add new profiler instrumentation interfaces inspired
  by Matt Welsh's SEDA architecture. [BL]

*)  Add new asynchronous event queue system inspired
  by Matt Welsh's SEDA architecture. [BL]

*)  Update all the components to the new LogEnabled interface. [BL]

Downloads for Avalon Excalibur 4.1 available at


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