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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Donating the entity/URI resolver code
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 13:28:30 GMT
One important question about the resolver: what dependencies does it
have?  I'm presuming that it will only depend on JDK 1.2 and other code
in xml-commons, and not have other external dependencies.  Correct?

---- you Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com> wrote ----
> Some time ago, Stefano started a thread[1] about donating the entity
> resolver code[2] I wrote to the xml-commons project. I was delighted
> that the Apache community voted in favor of the donation and I'm
> equally delighted to report that I've managed to get all the i's
> crossed and t's dotted to make the donation. :-) 

Speaking of i's and t's, does anyone want to double-check we've
appropriately voted on this submission?  
We should make sure that we've got +1 votes both on the submission and
on making Norm a committer to xml-commons from both enough people and
from at least *two* separate xml.apache.org subprojects.  Hopefully
this resolver is such a blindingly useful item as shown by the fact
that it's a common answer to regular questions on at least half a dozen
mailing lists...

In case we haven't gotten enough votes:
+1 on donating Norm's resolver to xml-commons
+1 on making Norm a committer on xml-commons

> I think I can get 
> everything lined up and ready to go, with one
> exception: I am unsure what package name to use. At present, the 
> classes are all in com.sun.resolver{.apps,.tools,.helpers,.readers} 
> My initial guess would be org.apache.resolver, but I'm quite prepared
> to be told that's the wrong choice for one reason or another :-) 
> Recommendations, please.                                         

Off the top of my head I'd suggest org.apache.xml.resolver.*, since
it's clearly XML related and we won't have future conflicts with any
other Apache projects - I'd like to ensure that we can share this with
any of xml or jakarta-land cleanly. (Plus Xalan has a couple of
potentially useful utilities in org.apache.xml already, if we ever get
them generalized and if others want to share them someday)  But I'm not
a stickler on this issue.

Norm, have you looked at the existing xml-commons tree and the first
'preview' release posted yet?  My proposal for you would be to check

xml-commons/java/resolver.xml - Ant build script, support at least
'all' and 'clean' targets

xml-commons/java/src/org/apache/xml/resolver/* - sources

xml-commons/java/xdocs/resolver/* - any other user documentation; this
will be either transformed (if it's in xml) or just copied (if you have
stuff in static html) into a /docs directory during a build.

When done & ready:
edit xml-commons/build.xml to call resolver.xml when it calls which.xml

- Shane
> Be seeing you,
>                                           norm
> [1]
> [2] http://www.sun.com/xml/developers/resolver/

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