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From "Theodore W. Leung" <twle...@sauria.com>
Subject Re: Returned post for announcements@xml.apache.org
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 06:13:29 GMT
Hi Neil,

Repost it and I'll approve it.  I don't know what happened before.  I'll
be looking for it this time.


On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 14:45, neilg@ca.ibm.com wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm certainly not trying to slag anyone--and I hope this isn't taken that
> way:-)--but does anyone know who is moderating announcements@xml these
> days?  Since this bounced message was trying to announce the last scheduled
> beta before xerces2 goes production-grade (and hence the last best time for
> requests for significant alterations...) we were really hoping to get this
> out to the widest possible community--hence the posting to announcements.
> Admittedly the week of the 17th-24th of December might not be the most
> propitious time to find people manning their computers, but I'm still
> surprised there aren't back-up procedures for this sort of thing.  (Or
> maybe there are and I just got unlucky).  Would people counsel me simply to
> repost this, or is there some better strategy?
> Cheers,
> Neil
> Neil Graham
> XML Parser Development
> IBM Toronto Lab
> Phone:  905-413-3519, T/L 969-3519
> E-mail:  neilg@ca.ibm.com
> ---------------------- Forwarded by Neil Graham/Toronto/IBM on 01/02/2002
> 05:33 PM ---------------------------
> announcements-help@xml.apache.org on 12/24/2001 11:42:46 AM
> To:   Neil Graham/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
> cc:
> Subject:  Returned post for announcements@xml.apache.org
> Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the
> announcements@xml.apache.org mailing list.
> I'm sorry, the list moderators for the announcements list
> have failed to act on your post. Thus, I'm returning it to you.
> If you feel that this is in error, please repost the message
> or contact a list moderator directly.
> --- Enclosed, please find the message you sent.
> ----- Message from neilg@ca.ibm.com on Mon, 17 Dec 2001 21:25:20 -0500
> -----
>       To: xerces-j-dev@xml.apache.org,                              
>           xerces-j-user@xml.apache.org, general@xml.apache.org,     
>           announcements@xml.apache.org                              
>  Subject: [ANNOUNCEMENT]: Xerces-J 2.0.0beta4 now available         
> Folks,
> The Xerces-J  team is very happy to be able to announce the availability of
> the fourth Xerces2.0 beta.  While a very considerable amount of development
> has been undertaken since Xerces-J 2.0.0 beta3, we are very confident that
> the product is near production quality.  This should prove to be the last
> beta release of Xerces-J 2.0 before a stable version becomes available.
> This release fixes a number of bugs, introduces more changes to the Xerces
> Native Interface, provides partial experimental DOM Level 3 implementation,
> and includes full XML Schema support.
> Chief among the many changes that have been made since the release of
> Xerces-J 2.0.0beta3 are:
> add: Added implementation of DOMInputSource, DOMError, DOMLocator and
> wrappers for entity resolver and error handler (DOM Level 3). [Gopal
> Sharma, Elena Litani]
> add: Added implementation of DOMWriter, DocumentLS, DOMImplementationLS and
> new features support for save and load: create-cdata-nodes,
> split-cdata-sections
> (DOM Level 3). [Rahul Srivastava, Elena Litani]
> add: Added implementation of DOMBuilder, DOMASBuilder and partial
> implementation of ASModel. Add support for a new feature "include-comments"
> (DOM Level 3). [Pavani Mukthipudi, Neil Graham, Elena Litani]
> add: Added Augmentations interface to core XNI interfaces and PSVI
> interfaces as an extension to XNI (unstable). Added DOM Level 3 interfaces
> to xerces.dom3 package. Modified samples accordingly. [Elena Litani]
> add: Implemented split of xerces.jar file into an API-only jar file
> (xmlParserAPIs.jar) and a jarfile containing only the API implementation
> (xercesImpl.jar). [Neil Graham]
> update: Modified XNI document handler interface to include Augmentations as
> an extra parameter on each parser event. Modified XMLAttributes interface
> to
> include getter methods for augmentations. [Elena Litani]
> add: Implemented PSVI support in Xerces and added PSVIWriter, PSVIParser
> and PSVIConfiguration sample files. [Arun Yadav, Elena Litani, Sandy Gao]
> add: Added "external-schemaLocation" and
> "external-noNamespaceSchemaLocation" properties. [Sandy Gao]
> add: New schema simple type interface and implementation. It fixes various
> bugs in the old implementation, and provides enough information for PSVI
> support. [Sandy Gao, Neeraj Bajaj]
> update: Internalize all symbols in SymbolTable using
> java.lang.String#intern(). Now applications can compare the symbols by
> reference. [Sandy Gao]
> add: Added "schema-full-checking" feature, and implemented "Unique Particle
> Attribution" constraint. [Sandy Gao]
> fix: Changed the default configuration to standard parser configuration
> (that does not include XML Schema validator), modified how and when the
> pipeline
> is constructed. [Elena Litani]
> fix: Changed XML Schema validation behavior back to validate only if the
> http://xml.org/sax/features/validation feature is true. Note: XML Schema
> validation is off by default. [Andy Clark]
> fix: Added constructor to new DTDXSParserConfiguration so it can share
> settings from a parent configuration. [Andy Clark]
> fix: The parser no longer wraps RuntimeException with XNIException in the
> parse method. [Andy Clark]
> fix: Fixed cloneNode() for Entity, EntityReference and DocumentType. Fixed
> importNode() of EntityReference nodes which mistakenly carried the old
> value.
> Fixed handling EntityReference node subtrees that left the node empty in
> non deferred DOM. [Arnaud Le Hors]
> fix: Added missing default attribute values in the DOM and fixed double
> entity value bug in deferred DOM. [Andy Clark]
> fix: Fixed getElementById() in the DOMParser. Bound namespace attributes to
> http://www.w3.org/2000/xmlns/ (DOM only). [Elena Litani]
> fix:Various documentation fixes. [Andy Clark, Elena Litani]
> add: Added more DOM Level 3 interfaces to xerces.dom3 package. Implemented
> DOMImplementationRegistry (DOMImplementationSource really),
> Node.set/getTextContent(), Node.isSameNode(), Node.getInterface(),
> Node.set/getUserData(). Extended dom.mem.Test to test these additions.
> [Arnaud Le Hors]
> add: Added ASBuilder sample to the DOM samples package to show how to use
> the new DOM level 3 ASBuilder interface to implement a form of grammar
> caching.
> [Sandy Gao]
> fix: Enabled the parser to process documents encoded in EBCDIC and UTF-16.
> [Neil Graham]
> We strongly encourage anyone who is interested to download the product from
> http://xml.apache.org/dist/xerces-j/ and report any bugs they encounter.
> It should be borne in mind that some classpath changes may be required on
> the part of users as xerces-J 2 development moves forward, since the
> community has decided to separate the API's that we support and their
> implementation into two jarfiles.  For this release we have provided
> additional binary packages (the ones with "old" prepended to the standard
> Xerces package name), containing old-style unified jarfiles, in order to
> ease the transition.
> Enjoy,
> Neil
> Neil Graham
> XML Parser Development
> IBM Toronto Lab
> Phone:  905-413-3519, T/L 969-3519
> E-mail:  neilg@ca.ibm.com
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In case of troubles, e-mail:     webmaster@xml.apache.org
To unsubscribe, e-mail:          general-unsubscribe@xml.apache.org
For additional commands, e-mail: general-help@xml.apache.org

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