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From David Crossley <cross...@indexgeo.com.au>
Subject Re: Donating the entity/URI resolver code
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2002 02:55:47 GMT
Shane Curcuru wrote:
> Speaking of i's and t's, does anyone want to double-check
> we've appropriately voted on this submission?  
> We should make sure that we've got +1 votes both on the
> submission and
> on making Norm a committer to xml-commons from both enough
> people and from at least *two* separate xml.apache.org subprojects.
> Hopefully this resolver is such a blindingly useful item as shown by
> the fact that it's a common answer to regular questions on at least
> half a dozen mailing lists...
> In case we haven't gotten enough votes:
> +1 on donating Norm's resolver to xml-commons
> +1 on making Norm a committer on xml-commons

I have waded back through the relevant list archives.
The vote seemed to focus on accepting the donation
and where it should go. It did not explicity call for voting
that Norm be a committer (though that was probably
implicity expected by us all).

This was the original call by Stefano on 2001-11-29 ...
 [vote] Accepting Entity Resolver Donation

A summary of votes follows (all +1 and no -1 and no 0)
which includes committers from various projects.

Davanum Srinivas 2001-11-29
Edwin Goei 2001-11-30
David Crossley 2001-12-03
Davanum Srinivas 2001-12-03
Arved Sandstrom 2001-12-03
Stefano Mazzocchi 2001-11-03
Norman Walsh 2001-12-04
Shane Curcuru 2001-12-21
Martin Stricker 2001-12-22

Then on 2001-12-23 Stefano sent email to PMC asking that
Norm be given commit access and anything required to bring
the resolver codebase onto xml-commons ...
 Entity Resolver on xml-commons
There was no further public reply on that thread.
Perhaps it went straight to Norm or perhaps it was too
close to the end of the year.

Now this current thread clarifies the situation and explicitly
calls for votes on both cases ...

1) donating Norm's resolver to xml-commons
> Shane Curcuru +1
> Arved Sandstrom +1
David Crossley +1

2) making Norm a committer on xml-commons
> Shane Curcuru +1
David Crossley +1

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