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From m..@corrosive.co.uk
Subject Re: Forrest (a.k.a. xml.apache.org 2.0)
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2001 15:24:52 GMT
>3) Navigation: the navigation experience on current xml.apache.org is a
>nightmare. There is no way to perceive the basic elements of spatial
>navigation: where am I? where can I go? how do I go back? how do I go

This navigation seems to definitely do a better job. You now have 2 
ways of structuring/navigate the info with the left and top nav.

>3) layout
>The layout previously proposed on this list was a solution to the speed
>problem but I couldn't adapt it to the depth needs identified in the
>rest of the goals.
>So, I resurrected my rusty web design skills and came up with the layout
>you find attached. I've tested it on IE 5.5, NS 4.78 and Moz 0.9.5 on
>Feedback, suggestions and criticisms are appreciated.


- while the Cocoon logo is sharp and neat, the xml.apache one seems a 
bit "washed out" with respect to the previous - can't that one be 

- can the background of the main content area be of the same colour 
as for the selected tab (white in this case)?

- is the main content going to be without "style"?

Stefano, as always I'm up to work these out, if you want. Just let me know.



Max Guglielmino

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