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From m..@corrosive.co.uk
Subject Re: [OT] Design Rant
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2001 10:34:10 GMT
At 5:13 PM +0100 12/20/01, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>RESULT: I'm all for using CSS where it makes sense, but, unfortunately,
>it's not possible to completely avoid the use of HTML tables to drive
>presentation without missing incredibly common functionality such as
>coherently-resizable and horizontally-placed blocks.

I agree with Stefano's views.

Sorry people, I may be thick, but I do not see why HTML all of a 
sudden is no longer up for the job. Yes it's old, clumsy, whatever, 
but it's perfectly fine for layout purposes, it is supported by 
browsers, it is reliable.

CSS is fabulous and elegant, but you bet we'll still come across new 
implementations of IE or NC or whatever which won't comply with this 
or that bit of the specification. And, after they do, a new 
specification will come up. And so on, until finally a day will come 
when people realise that open source software is far better than M$, 
and that the W3C is the god of this realm and we'll all live happily 
ever after...

See HTML like the matrix of a typographer, one that you can bend and 
twist, but that nevertheless you'd use just to accommodate content. 
Why not concentrate on that content, and how it's managed and served: 
if in future you'll scrap HTML for CSS or the next big thing, you'll 
have the content ready for a smooth migration.

... or am I missing something?


Max Guglielmino

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