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From robert burrell donkin <robertdon...@mac.com>
Subject entity resolver project [was: Re: [vote] Accepting Entity Resolver Donation]
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2001 11:57:30 GMT
On Thu Nov 29, 2001  11:35:59  Stefano Mazzocchi <stefano@apache.org> 

> A while back, I talked to Norman Walsh (of Docbook fame, if you don't
> know him) about making his entity resolver (or entity catalog)
> implementation a full open source project, given the incredible need for
> such a thing on XML-based applications (see recent talks on xml-dev
> about XML portability, for example).

entity resolver behaviour has for a long time been a source of newbie 
problems on many jakarta lists. the default behaviour isn't very intuitive 
- people don't expect that xerces and crimson will attempt to load a DTD 
even when they arn't actually going to use it for validation. for people 
without the correct connection to the internet, it can be confusing to get 
a connection failure during a parse of a configuration file (for example).

there are potentially useful EntityResolver implementations (one from 
structs? was posted here a while ago) in jakarta which solve slightly 
different problems than the entity catelog seeks to address - but there 
doesn't seem to be enough critical mass to justify a jakarta commons 

i think that it'd be very useful if norman's entity catelog could be 
accepted into xml.apache.org with a wider - rather than a narrower - remit 
to address broader entityresolver issues. of course, the catelog would be 
the core but other implementations (which solve other problems) could find 
a home there as well. also, questions on entity resolver issues could be 
redirected there from the lists at jakarta without any worries.

- robert

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