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From David Crossley <cross...@indexgeo.com.au>
Subject Re: [vote] Accepting Entity Resolver Donation
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 06:57:03 GMT
Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Jeff,
> A starting point of this thread was when David Crossley
>  <crossley@indexgeo.com.au> posted a
> proposal and code on Cocoon2 Dev mailing list (see
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?t=99742406300002&w=2&r=1).

Hi Dims, many thanks for your efforts to get the entity
resolver happening with Cocoon. I managed to get it fine-tuned,
but without you it would not have happened. If anyone needs
background, then see

Dims, if you also have time to assist with getting the relevant
bits moved from Cocoon to their new home, then that would
be excellent.

Both the "Entity Resolver" and the "DoctypeChanger" are vital
functionality for any XML processing solution.
thanks, David Crossley

Davanum Srinivas continued to Jeff:
> Do you have some spare cycles to use the
> doctypechanger code with Cocoon2? I'd be happy to assist.
> Thanks,
> dims
> --- Jeff Turner <jeff@socialchange.net.au> wrote:
> <snip/>
> >   "New modules generally shouldn't go in until at least two separate
> >   other projects express interest in using the module.  I think this is
> >   an important difference from jakarta-commons that makes sense in our
> >   world.  I.e. I'd rather not just throw something in because it seems
> >   like it might be useful, I'd rather only put things in that we know
> >   will be shared among multiple projects."
> >
> > If such a change is made, I'd like to contribute that DOCTYPE changer
> > code (http://www.opensource.socialchange.net.au/doctypechanger/).
> >
> > --Jeff
> =====
> Davanum Srinivas - http://jguru.com/dims/

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