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From <...@corrosive.co.uk>
Subject Re: website++: some ideas...
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 15:27:56 GMT
... version 3 seems to be gaining consensus...

I'm not sure the vertical navigation bar will force the use of complex tables.
A horizontal one is surely feasible, but it implies re-working the 
navigation structure, as the number of primary links actually on the 
site would make it impossible, and I can't make that decision.

The cloud background should be also feasible to realise as a tiling 
image and it'll be placed as table background - I will run tests, but 
my guess is that the content of the page will be available while the 
browser loads the image.


At 9:57 AM -0500 11/1/01, Berin Loritsch wrote:
>I like the overall look of these sites, and prefer version 3 as it looks
>better.  However, the following criticisms can hopefully help the site
>as a whole:
>* The concept of Right Hand and Left Hand navigation bars force the use
>   of complex tables.  As a result, the text does not reflow easily.
>   Try using a two row horizontal navigation menu instead.  The first
>   row has the major headings, and the bottom row has all the sub headings:
>   Main Headings:
>     Home  Projects  Distribution Info  Getting Involved   People  Contact Info
>   SubHeadings:
>     Home:
>       Home  News  Mission  Guidelines
>     Projects:
>       Xerces Java 1  Xerces Java 2  Xerces C++  Xerces Perl  Xalan Java 2
>       Xalan C++  FOP  Cocoon 1  Cocoon 2  Xang  SOAP  Batik  Crimson  Axis
>       XML Security
>     Distribution Info:
>       Downloads  Bug Database
>     Getting Involved:
>       Get Involved  Repositories  Mailing Lists  Reference
>     People:
>       Who We Are  Credits
>     Contact Info:
>       Legal Stuff  Contact Info
>     With all the menu stuff at the top, it still feels natural, but the site
>     feels more organized and the content is most emphasized.
>* The cloud background behind xml.apache.org may be a bit much.  If it is
>   easily tiled, then it might be worth exploring--but it looks like one large
>   graphic.
>* I LOVE the navigation status bar (xml.apache.org > home).  This is a must
>   have.



Max Guglielmino

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