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From <...@corrosive.co.uk>
Subject Re: website++: some ideas...
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 11:36:56 GMT
Des. 2 just need the top-left and bottom-right graphics. All the 
no-anti-aliased text in all designs is intended to be HTML text, so 
page titles don't have to be reproduced as graphics, hoping that 
management is made simpler by that. Lines in the designs can be 
forced to assume their width by using a 1x1 transparent gif.

The navbar has been taken as-is from Ted's sample ( 
http://www.apache.org/~twl/new-site/index.html ): although I agree 
with you that to categorise the navigation would make it simpler to 
use, it's an editorial decision which I'm not suitable to take.

If that's a direction the editorial team wants to take, I'd need to 
know in order to realise secondary and tertiary (hopefully that'd be 
enough) level of navigation.

A likely structure would be:

SECTION    <-- link to an index/intro page for the section
  |_ PAGE/SECTION (LEVEL 2)    <-- page or index/intro
      |_ PAGE (LEVEL 3)

At 4:12 AM -0700 11/1/01, Kimbro Staken wrote:
>Design 2 looks pretty clean and professional. How many graphics are 
>required to realize it?
>Also, is there a firm requirement to have all projects listed in the 
>side bar of the page? That list has to be really confusing to people 
>visiting for the first time.  In fact I'd almost say the current 
>website is hostile to people who don't already know what they're 
>looking for. Maybe this has already been suggested but it seems a 
>simple project link that goes to a page where things can be better 
>broken down and classified might be better.
>  The project page could then make things clearer by breaking down 
>something like this.
>XML Parser
>	Description of what it is and why there are two available.
>	Xerces
>		Short blurb on why you'd use Xerces
>		Java 1 and 2 with description of why both are significant.
>		C++
>		Perl
>	Crimson
>		Short blurb on why you'd use crimson
>XSL-T Processor
>	Xalan
>		Java
>		C++
>	Cocoon
>	Xang? Not sure where this belongs
>Web Services
>	Axis
>XML Database
>	Xindice
>	Batik
>	XML Security
>Each section and each individual project should have a short blurb 
>about what it is, why you would use it and especially why there is 
>more then one project to do the same thing in some areas. At the top 
>of the page you can have links to each of the sections.
>Another possibility if we still wanted more detail in the side bar, 
>would be to provide links based on the categories rather then 
>project names.



Max Guglielmino

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