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From <...@corrosive.co.uk>
Subject website++: a working sample
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 13:43:36 GMT
Hi All

I've implemented design 3v1 into html:


I've just done 2 pages, index.html and news.html, to give you an idea 
of how the navigation and layout works.

There are the usual differences between Netscape and IE display of 
the code (Netscape doesn't implement the width="100%" properly and 
also seems to get confused by table backgrounds... IE does definitely 
a better job... sigh!) but apart from that it seems pretty much to be 
working as expected.

As with anything "funky", implementation has required the use of 
quite some graphics, but they are tiny images and should load fast 
and not get in the way of the display of main content.

I've managed to keep all the changing parts containing text into 
their own tables (highlighted in the source code by comments), 
leaving the "skeleton" of the design separated.

Please try it out on your browsers and get back to me with any comment.



Max Guglielmino

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