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From m..@corrosive.co.uk
Subject Re: website++: some fixes
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 00:58:48 GMT
At 10:41 PM +0100 11/5/01, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>Netscape 4.78 is also not resizing the image in the cell background and
>is loosing a the image on top of the sitebar.
>Mozilla is messing up with the closing image on the left of the top
>Hmmm, I wonder: why don't we just write a simple "rectangle" layout and
>forget about fancy stuff? just an idea (please max, don't take it wrong,
>I love your contribution! it's really much better than what we have!)

yeah, I'm beginning to wonder myself...
feedbacks have been very different so far and, although I like the 
design, I'm feeling we are "exposing" it to far too many variants...

(...mind you, Berin's code has solved the top background image 
problem on my NC4.7 and still works fine on IE5.1...)

I wonder what everybody else thinks about this issue? is it worth me 
trying out a sharp-edged version of the same design?


Max Guglielmino

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