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From "Sam Ruby" <ru...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: [POLL] ebXML Reg./Rep. on Apache?
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 14:51:07 GMT
Pae Choi wrote:
> I believe that there are more than enough people subscribing this
> and the related ones. I am well awaring that. And I hope all others
> do as well.
> This message is not intended to create a flaming war or any
> similar result at all. So do not get the wrong idea.

Especially since I am specifically called out below, then I will take the
flame bait.

> First, just because folks called apchae committers do not
> show much their interests, is that mean they know everything
> and know better than any other folks in our community(the
> true and a single community, not the specific apache community).
> In other words, are those apache committers truely qualify to make
> decision for everything? Is that what you folks impling? Huh..

There are plenty of venues for open source.  By virtue of being elected by
the committers of the XML Apache projects, we feel that we qualify to make
decisions on what belongs here.  As a general rule, we don't go out and
seek new projects, but evaluate projects which actively desire to be
associated with the Apache community.

> Second, how many folks known as apache committers read
> the ebXML specifications? How many do you have who truely
> understand the philosophy and subsequent benefits of ebXML?
> Third, how many of folks known as Apache Committers think
> their designing, coding, and any other activities related to
> software-intensive solution development better than any other
> folks ouside of the community of apach committers.
> I have seen chunks of low quality code developed by the folks
> known as Apache Committers, and seen many of quality soutions
> came from the folks -- not known as formal apache committers.

If you feel that there is a better fit elsewhere, by all means feel free to
pursue it.

> Let us NOT forget that people have different talents because
> they are different. In other words, we learn from each other and
> help each other. Sometimes(if not in most of cases for some
> ones) the adults can even learn a lot from the children. Some
> adults deny the existence of opportunities in learning from
> different people, including children, etc. That's because they
> just do not know better. Simple as that.
> P.S.: Sam, if you think your coding skill is better than any other
> folks, provide the urls where we can see your coding works. I
> will be more than happy to review your coding skill, including
> the design level. And  I am sure there are more than enough
> people who will not mind do so as well.

My coding contributions have been seen in projects as diverse as Ant, Axis,
Cocoon, Gump, Tomcat, and Soap.  And non-apache projects such as BSF and
PHP.  I have minor patches included in a wide range of projects.

More important than my coding skills, is the pattern by which I have
actively sought to participate in the community which I chose to influence.
To date, I see no evidence of any partication in related projects by any of
the sponsors of the project listed in the subject proposal.

The most closely related project in xml.apache.org is arguably Soap or
Axis.  Had I seen some of these names before as active participants on
either of those project's mailing lists, then the course of this discussion
would certainly have gone in a differnent direction initially.

- Sam Ruby

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