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From "Sam Ruby" <ru...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: [POLL] WASP Lite on Apache?
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 13:38:48 GMT
General thoughts:

   This is just a poll at this point.  A perfectly reasonable response
   might be for the PMC to request that consensus be reached first on the
   Axis dev mailing list before proceeding to a vote.  Three of the five
   PMC members actively follow that list anyway...

   I'm not clear on what the difference between internal fork and external
   fork.  Two committers (and an undisclosed at this point, but presumably
   small number of other developers) decided to go their own way for a
   period of time, and now want to share their results with the community.

Status of other forks:

   Currently Xerces 1 and 2 are in separate cvs trees and have separate
   entries on xml.apache.org's web site; as does Crimson.  Committers to
   any one code base have karma to all.

   Xalan1 and Xalan2 were in the same cvs tree, but had separate entries on
   xml.apache.org's web site for a time.  Now Xalan1 is no more.

   Currently Cocoon1 and 2 are in separate cvs trees (originally they were
   in one), and have separate entries on xml.apache.org's web site.
   Committers to the either code base have karma to both.

   Currently Soap  and Axis are in separate cvs trees and have separate
   entries on xml.apache.org's web site.  In creating Axis, I did take the
   opportunity to cull the list of inactive committers - with the statement
   that any could become active simply by a simple request.

My personal priorities (in no particular order):

   Reuniting the community.
   Not disrupting the progress of Axis to release while this donation is in
   Stealing heavily from both code bases to create the best product in the


   I had the opportunity to meet Anne Thomas Manes for the first time last
   week at the O'Reilly P2P and WebServices conference, as did Dirk.  We
   discussed the priorities I listed above, and I recommended that this
   proceed by her posting to the general@xml.apache.org mailing list to
   gather input.  I knew her name as she often posted to both the soap and
   axis mailing lists, generally by answering people's questions about SOAP
   and related technologies.

- Sam Ruby

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