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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: XML APIs and JDK 1.4
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 15:19:11 GMT
Thanks for the posting - this is definitely an important thing for the
xml.apache.org community, particularly the xml-commons community - to

I hope they're counting the org.xml.sax in the same kind of area as DOM and
so on... interesting that was not listed specifically (although I haven't
followed the link yet).  In one way this is useful, in that they are
finally providing an official way for external sources to update (some of)
the extensions, etc. that ship with the JDK.

Re: JAXP switching: JAXP has it's own provider selector mechanisim, that
explicitly lets you choose which JAXP parser or transformer gets plugged
in.  It may not be simple to switch out the actual JAXP factory classes
themselves, but they will use either a system property (user settable from
the command line, etc.) or a META-INF/services key within an implementer's
jar file to look up the value of an implementation class before falling
back on the defaults.

(I suppose this could have one problem: since the META-INF/services search
is done within the classpath, if the JDK-supplied implementations are at
the head of the classpath, how can you override them?)

- Shane
---- you Jeff Turner <jeff@socialchange.net.au> wrote ----
> Hi, On Eliotte Rusty Harold's Java news site
> (http://www.cafeaulait.org/2001november.html): "
> Thursday, November 8, 2001 Sun's posted the Maintenance Review Draft
Specification for
> JSR-000917 J2SE 1.4 (Merlin) Beta 3. Mostly this beta makes various
> minor tweaks in the API. The only major addition is an "Endorsed
> Standards Override Mechanism".
> According to Sun, The Java 2 Platform includes a number of APIs that are
> by third-party endorsed standards. Examples are of such APIs are
> javax.rmi.CORBA.*, org.omg.*, and org.w3c.dom. Often software
> developers and vendors would like to use their own
> implementation of these APIs, or use a version of the external
> standard other than the version that is implemented in J2SE. To
> address this need, J2SE 1.4 supports the Endorsed Standards
> Override Mechansim, which makes use of new system property,
> java.endorsed.dirs. Review closes on December 10."
> The "Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism" is online here:
> http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4/docs/guide/standards/index.html This looks
quite significant.
> Without this, it seems JDK 1.4 users are
> stuck forevermore with the XML standards as they currently stand (DOM 2,
> SAX 2). I have not tried the 1.4 betas though.. does that sound correct?
One remaining question: will it be possible for an application to
> override the default parser (crimson I think), or when 1.4 is released,
> are we stuck with that parser and it's bugs? So far, when it comes to
standards, Microsoft have "embrace and extend",
> and Sun have "embrace and inadvertently hold back". I wish they'd leave
> XML out of the JDK, but failing that, I hope (and would like
> confirmation from this group) that they haven't killed the advancement
> of DOM and SAX in Java.
> --Jeff

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