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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: [xerces2] info about some packaging changes
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 15:52:17 GMT
---- you neilg@ca.ibm.com wrote ----
> We're planning to keep the API jar as close
> to the xml-apis.jar that xml-commons produces as possible, but
> obviously we won't be shipping the javax.xml.transform packages,
> since we don't implement these interfaces.

Here's my:
-1 vote to Xerces' xml-apis.jar not including the java.xml.transform

(Of course if I'm pretending to 'vote' on the issue, I should really be on
xerces-j-dev, but this is a larger cross-project issue)

While Xerces won't provide an implementation of a transformer, this
packaging will result in confusion for users who think that the
xml-apis.jar in Xerces builds is roughly compatible with the one from Xalan
builds - if you exclude the javax.xml.transform packages, it's completely

While I understand (and am doing for the time being, in Xalan) the
separation of building xml-apis.jar for a project directly from it's own
source tree instead of from the xml-commons source tree, I think we should
all strive to keep the contents of the jar file named 'xml-apis.jar' to be
roughly equivalent.  'Roughly' meaning that the jar should always include
the *full* sets of SAX 2.0.x files, DOM L2 files, and JAXP 1.1.x files.

I.e. to me the point is that we're agreeing to ship *stable*
externally-defined standards-based files in a jar named xml-apis.jar.  Any
other files a project wants to use should go in their implementation jar,
or somewhere else; and the xml-apis.jar should always include it's full
contents, and should match very closely (except for last-minute bugfixes)
the same code as in xml-commons.

Am I making any sense?  Does anyone else agree with me?  (Note, they're
separate questions!)  One other important issue is we should have some
manifest packaging expert help us all implement some better documented and
finely-grained versioning info in our manifests; I've started in
xml-xalan/java/src/MANIFEST.MF but it needs updating and I'm not sure I've
gotten it quite right yet.

- Shane
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