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From Ben Coman <b...@sw.oz.au>
Subject Re: [xerces2] info about some packaging changes
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 23:33:20 GMT
> since reorganizing the DOM seems to be needed anyway, we thought
> it might also be a good time to follow Xalan's lead and split the
> API's we support and the implementation of those API's into
> separate jar files.  We're planning to keep the API jar as close
> to the xml-apis.jar that xml-commons produces as possible, but
> obviously we won't be shipping the javax.xml.transform packages,
> since we don't implement these interfaces.  We also plan to keep
> our API's in our own CVS repository, periodically checking to
> make sure they're in sync with xml-commons.  We don't want to use
> xml-commons so that we can move quickly on API updates--such as
> when DOM level 3 becomes a full-fledged recommendation.
> The advantage for users of this API split is that it could save
> them some space:  If you want to use Xerces and Xalan together,
> then you only need to include one API jar file on your classpath
> to make everything work.  This means your xerces jarfile will be
> about 7% smaller than it would be if it contained API's as well
> as implementations.

could there be an advantage to splitting xml-apis.jar out into finer
components, ie xml-apis-dom3.jar
+ xerces-dev wont need their own copy of the rest xml-commons, and avoid
the sync issue for that.
+ xerces-dev might have more freedom to update it in xml-commons more
readily, or at least make syncing from their copy easier.

this might be particular to dom3, until it becomes a full-fledged
recommendation, or all recommendations could have their own jar,
reducing bloat in xml-apis.jar over time
+ possible(?) space savings for all projects. eg, if dom1 is never used
in a particular project, its xml-apis-dom1.jar is not included 

> or those concerned about names:  we thought we'd call the new
> implementation-specific jarfile xercesImpl.jar, so as to
> distinguish it from the xerces.jar that contains everything.  The
> API file we thought could be called xmlParserAPIs.jar, since it
> contains only API's related to XML parsing.

at any rate, naming it xml-apis-dom3.jar within xerces might make it
more obvious where it is going to end up.

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