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From Ben Coman <b...@aurema.com>
Subject Re: website ++ - "monochromatic" version
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2001 00:19:59 GMT

i should have piped up with this earlier, however i wasn't sure whether
i was being pedantic:)

i'm finding the repetition of xml.apache.org a bit funny to look at,
besides being redundant. 

It might look good to have "xml.apache.org > news" in the dark strip. 
How to arrange stuff around that is less clear. The now blank light-blue
strip could be kept for asthetics. The "www.apache.org www.w3c.org", but
it might still fit where it is, or might move into the top light-blue

or, the the second light-blue strip could be removed, the dark strip
could be the same colour as the logo background, the sidebar moved up to
abut the logo, the links off xml.apache.org "www.apache.org www.w3c.org"
in the first light strip, so the dark strip is purely "xml.apace.org",

...but then you don't want this to go round forever:)


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