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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <sanj...@watson.ibm.com>
Subject Re: [POLL] WASP Lite on Apache?
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 00:11:09 GMT
Anne Thomas Manes writes:
> We're talking about creating a new umbrella project focusing on Web
> that initially will host three different SOAP projects: soap, axis, and

I'm a -1 on hosting three different SOAP projects. What I'm for is
hosting Apache SOAP as the "old" SOAP project and Apache Axis as the
new project. WASP should be committed within Axis to be taken as input
to create Axis 2.0 by merging the best of Axis 1.x and WASP 1.x. Thus,
there is only one SOAP project, which transitioned from Apache SOAP to
Apache Axis. We have the community around Apache Axis already and
that's where we need to move forward.

> wasp. From earlier comments on this thread, I infer that there's a push to
> get the axis community to gather around Web services, not just around the
> axis code base. If the umbrella project name is axis, then the sub-project

I don't think we're all the way there yet- the idea is that long term
there should be a Web servies project. The immediate proposal (I believe)
was to bring Apache SOAP and Apache Axis together under one project and
for WASP to be incorporated within Axis. The host of such a combined
project IMO should be something named other than Axis.

> > > Perhaps we'd like to revisit Peter Kacandes's poll to submit
> > ebXML reg/rep
> > > (which is now at SourceForge)?
> >
> > Up to the Axis community at this point, but I'd suggest doing one code
> > merging at a time.
> Good point, although ebXML reg/rep wouldn't involve code merging -- its a
> registry/repository, not a SOAP implementation. It would be a separate
> base.

In my *technical opinion* ebXML reg/rep is not yet a "best fit" with
Web services. It may get there, but its not there yet. From that point
of view if there were a Web services PMC and if I were on it, I would
be opposed to hosting such a project *at this time*. I may be totally
off-base, but there should be some technical rationale too for grouping
projects together right? If the only concern is the community aspect
then this is not an issue.

If we allow the new umbrella project to "willy nilly" add sub-projects
then all we've done is created a loop-hole to create a political mess.
I suggest that while we should create the umbrella, we continue to have
discussions on this list before creating any new sub-projects. So if the
general@xml.apache.org community feels ok about putting an ebXML reg/rep
project in the new umbrella project then its ok with me, even though
technically I personally feel its not the right thing to do today.


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