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From "Pae Choi" <paec...@earthlink.net>
Subject Re: [POLL] ebXML Reg./Rep. on Apache?
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 21:55:49 GMT
This probably is better decision. I don't think any of Apache Commtters
understand what is this project about. And I do not even think any of those
read the spec before.

Moreover, worse is that ones do not even read the specs and think they have
full qualifications for making decision. What a haughtiness!

Funny thing is that ones keep saying "open" don't even understand the true
concept of open. Maybe "open" in the domain of own ideology.

The policies made by people and anything made by people can be changed.
Otherwise, you will end up falling into own trap. However, noone is stopping
if you prefer to stick to it and keep all yours in your dog house.


>Dear Apache XML Community Members,
>First off, I want to thank you all for your time and effort in
consideration of
>our project proposal.
>It seems pretty clear, however, that the requirements for gaining
acceptance as
>an Apache project have not been met, and for good reason.
>I fully understand and agree with the condition that there should be an
>community in place around a project. This presented a bit of a catch 22 for
>since we could not share the code base widely until we found a home for it.
>We had initially intended to start a regular open source project, but
thought we
>might give Apache a first crack at it because we believe that the goals of
>align strongly with those of Apache and that the XML registry/repository
>in particular has a great deal of synergy with other Apache XML projects.
>I think that the best thing for us to do at this point is to get our
>started elsewhere. Depending on how it goes, then perhaps at somepoint in
>future we can revisit the issue if both communities think it advantageous.
>We will let you know as soon as the code base is available in another open
>source forum. At that point, we would certainly welcome the participation
of any
>Apache community members, whether committers or not.
>Again, our sincere thanks for your consideration of the project. I have
>hopes that we may be able to work together on this project at some point in
>Peter Kacandes
>Sr. Product Manager, Java XML APIs phone number: 408 276 7139, X17139
>Java Software Products email: peter.kacandes@sun.com
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In case of troubles, e-mail:     webmaster@xml.apache.org
To unsubscribe, e-mail:          general-unsubscribe@xml.apache.org
For additional commands, e-mail: general-help@xml.apache.org

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