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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: New SAX2 release out
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 16:27:32 GMT
---- you  Andy Clark <andyc@apache.org> wrote ----
> I will say again that I don't think automatically pulling the
> latest copies of things from xml-commons in the build is the
> right thing to do. Yes, projects should take every effort to
> stay up to date with the commons packages but it should not be
> a required part of the build process.

I can definitely see your point and I'm not trying to be combative, but I
do want to analyze our different project's takes on the general xml-commons
Fundamentally the choice is up to the community for each xml.apache
subproject.  But having a common way to do this might be a benefit to all
of our subprojects.  We might also think about 'publishing' builds of
xml-commons as a convenient way for any users to get a known set of
SAX/DOM/JAXP classes - something several people have asked me about

Hmmm.  OK, to help start more of a discussion:
- What specifically don't you like about attempting to pull in xml-commons
sources to [project 'x']'s build?
Risk - to your project's daily build due to unexpected changes?
Inter-project dependencies - in that this is also a risk and a coordination
issue with all projects that use xml-commons directly?
Extra work - in that you may need to checkout xml-commons along with your
own codebase?

Also, I've setup Xalan's build to work without xml-commons.  It's about
half-way to my goal for how I want Xalan's build to work:
- Committers who checkout xml-xalan run a build:
  - if xml-commons exists next to xml-xalan, copy and use it's sources
  - if it doesn't, use the sources in xml-xalan and post a warning
- Users who download a dist module run a build:
  - here, we'd probably want to just use the files that came from the dist,
so users don't need to know or bother about external files (unless they
want to)

- Shane

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