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From timothy.wa...@bankofamerica.com
Subject BUG in Crimson when importing DocumentFragment
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 13:55:14 GMT

I believe I have run into a bug in Crimson. I get an exception when I try to
import a DocumentFragment node that contains a child element which has

Here's the output for the test case I've isolated:
D:\J\Projects\bco>java DOMImportTest
org.apache.crimson.tree.DomEx: HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: This node isn't
allowed there.
        at DOMImportTest.main(DOMImportTest.java:72)
FAILED to import and/or insert <DF1> doc frag!
Imported and inserted <DF2> doc frag successfully!
Imported and inserted NON-doc frag successfully!

I'm also attaching a small program that reproduces the bug as well as a test
doc. If what I'm seeing is not a bug can someone explain why this is
reasonable behavior?

Thanks for your time.

(See attached file: test.xml)
(See attached file: DOMImportTest.java)

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