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From Edwin Goei <edwi...@sun.com>
Subject Re: xml-apis was RE: cvs commit: jakarta-ant build.xml
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 18:03:47 GMT
Stephane Bailliez wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Edwin Goei [mailto:edwingo@sun.com]
> [...]
> > On the other hand, if both the APIs and implementation
> > classes are in a
> > single jar file, it would not totally eliminate the problem,
> > however, it
> > is simplified.  You would still have to tell users to put xerces.jar
> > before xalan.jar, but at least you don't have to deal with an
> > xml-apis.jar file on the classpath where it may be difficult to know
> > which version it is (the xerces or xalan version).
> Each solution has its limit there. Simply because we don't want to put the
> hassle on the user and avoid him to put 3 jars in the classpath we package
> everything in a single one.
> More than often in real time case it appears you have to deal with old
> versions because you did a development tighted to it (Say parser.jar and the
> binding) and can't switch to a new version easily (you simply cannot
> allocate time for it), and you want to benefit from some recent version of
> Xalan 2.x for some other features (extended support of xsl) and xt for its
> speed in some area. All this must work together. Add to this that you are
> using castor that needs xerces for serialization and that it must run in
> some version old version of tomcat or weblogic that mess everything and you
> are in a real mess.
> I even encountered the case using OpenXML about an incorrect signature for a
> method in a DOM interface...
> The fact that everyone want to bundle everything in a jar makes it a pain
> because your only solution would be to hack the jars and remove all these
> and explicitely separate this in dom1.jar, dom2.jar, sax1.jar, sax2.jar
> because you end up with dependencies that you cannot control in a web
> application and even sometimes you end up with circular dependencies.

I don't have that much experience w/ working on web applications, but my
guess would be that splitting API jar files would make the problem more
difficult as there would be many more combinations.  With a single
project.jar file containing both API and implementation classes you
would be sure that the classes within it would all be consistent.

> Yep I followed the thread a little bit and noticed that nearly everybody was
> in favor of putting everything in the jar for 'ease' of use.
> It probably makes it easier to use xalan and xerces in the command line, but
> certainly not in a whole app that use lots of third-party related to XML.

Yeah, I don't have much experience w/ third-party tools related to XML,
but I don't see how this should make a difference.

> > BTW, it looks like the latest Ant dist comes with crimson 1.1.1.  I'd
> > recommend upgrading to at least the latest version 1.1.3.
> Stefan did the update to 1.1.3, thus this thread.

OK, good.

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