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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: AW: [vote] A native XML database project under Apache
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:22:07 GMT
Henning von Bargen wrote:
> +1 from me (but I'm not a committer).
> It is something we all need.
> But besides discussing a name for it,
> it should be clarified what the project goals are.

The goals are to come up with a solid and production quality native XML
database management system.

> For example:
> Do we want a 100% pure Java solution?

As you don't read "java" in the above sentence, java is not a binding
goal but dbXML happens to be the best open source XML DB currently
solution existing and happens to be written in Java.

>  I like Java, but I like the Apache HTTP Server as well.
>  Maybe some low-level routines (caching, I/O, Parsing) could be
>  implemented in C using the existing Apache framework including SSL
>  for the sake of performance.
>  Using the existing Apache C framework could have some benefits.
>  Roughly spoken, a database server is not too different from a web server:
>  It receives requests from many clients and services them.
>  The communication between clients and server needs to be secure.
>  The main difference is:
>  A web server usually returns a file from the file system to answer a
> request,
>  whereas a database server reads and manipulates the database storage
> system.

These are technical details that should not be dealt with when judging
the request to bootstap a community that will deal with them. You should
deal with them *after* the community is created.

> Do we want the database to have all the features that
> full blown-up database servers like (just for example) Oracle 9i have:
> - transactions
> - automatic recovery after crashes
> - clustering with cache sharing
> or do we just want (to keep it simple)
> only a single-process database running on a single server
> with no transactions and no recovery options?

I'd personally aim for the full cake.
> I am am not an expert, but the part that seems to
> be most interesting (and difficult) for XML databases
> is effective storage and indexing.


> I expect several new ideas to come up in that topic in the next few years.
> Thus, the database should be quite flexible in the implementation
> of storage and indexing.

Yours are all very good points but are all technical ones and we are now
judging the request to create a community over here in xml.apache.org
that will deal exactly with those technical issues.

If you like this to happen, vote yes. If you don't, vote no.

All technical details will be dealt with later on by the newly
established community.


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