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From Edwin Goei <edwi...@sun.com>
Subject Re: New SAX2 release out
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 17:19:15 GMT
Andy Clark wrote:
> Shane Curcuru wrote:
> > Note we still need to get xerces and other projects on board using the
> > commons copies.  This might be a good excuse to get a Xerces 1.4.4
> > build along with any other critical bugs they might have open.
> I will say again that I don't think automatically pulling the
> latest copies of things from xml-commons in the build is the
> right thing to do. Yes, projects should take every effort to
> stay up to date with the commons packages but it should not be
> a required part of the build process.

Hmmm, I must have missed your original post regarding this issue.  Could
you give some reasons?  I'm not fully convinced what the right solution
is in keeping trees in sync with external source code.

The current approach for Xerces is to sync it manually on a mostly
irregular schedule.  With Crimson, it does a fully automatic sync from
xml-commons for each build.  Another option would be a "semi-automatic"
mode which would do the sync on demand.  For example, there would be a
"sync-sax" target in the Xerces build.xml file which would perform the
sync only on demand from xml-commons.

Ideally, the SAX bugs would be fixed in the SAX repository on
sourceforge.net and we would just be taking released versions of the SAX



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