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From Arved Sandstrom <Arved...@chebucto.ns.ca>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL-strawman] xml-commons source usage in other projects
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 01:59:02 GMT
At 03:12 PM 10/30/01 -0800, Edwin Goei wrote:
[ SNIP ]
>So one requirement is being able to recreate a distribution (Andy Clark
>for one specifically mentioned this).  I agree with this.  When I
>implemented the automatic copy of xml-commons code into crimson and
>released a version of crimson, I tagged the code in xml-commons to
>support this.  Ideally, xml-commons would have a particular release of
>some external software like SAX2.0r2 or DOM L2 + errata thru a
>particular date.  So one approach would be to tag xml-commons whenever
>say Xerces2 is released.
>Another possible requirement is to be able to build without having to
>have a dependency on xml-commons.  The easiest way to achieve that would
>be to check in a copy of the xml-commons code in each subproject
>repository.  This would also solve the previous requirement.
>So I think it's probably easiest to check in the common code in each
>subproject repository.  Then before a release or when a bug needs to be
>fixed in the common code, the fix can be synced up to the version in
>xml-commons.  Ideally, the xml-commons code would correspond to a
>particular version of the externally defined code, like SAX2.0r2.  Then
>the sync could be done as needed.  An ant target could be added to make
>this process easier.
>Does this make sense?

I think so. :-) It occurs to me that this should be diagrammed, almost...a 
graph or graphs that illustrate all the possibilities. The verbal 
descriptions are starting to get somewhat convoluted.


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