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From Keiron Liddle <kei...@aftexsw.com>
Subject Re: Dirlayout
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 10:00:07 GMT
On 2001.10.25 20:41 Ted Leung wrote:
> Once upon a time, we had a minimal discussion about adopting the Jakarta
> dirlayout
> proposal.  In conjunction with the message that I just sent about the
> website, I'd like to
> bring this up again and try to get it ironed out.
> Here's the URL of the current Jakarta dirlayout.
> http://jakarta.apache.org/site/dirlayout.html
> I'd like to know if people have any comments on this.

I have some:

build directory
In some places it suggests putting things in the dir, eg. build/lib/jars
and build/build.xml.
At another place it suggests this is where intermediate files are placed
and it is not under cvs control.
I would prefer the latter, this means the complete directory can be deleted
for clean etc. and is notconfused with cvs libs and build.xml.

may want to separate runtime libs and build libs.
if libs is placed under tools (rather than just a libs directory) then what
else is under tools?

there is no mention of testing files or directories, don't you people do
any testing :)
particularly testing data files and support files etc.

where are resources placed, java resources could be put with the source but
there may be others eg. that need preprocessing

At the moment the information is at jakarta, I presume you want this to
apply for jakarta and xml, as such it should be easily visible from both

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