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From Rock VZ <roc...@yahoo.com>
Subject conditions in XML
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 06:56:25 GMT

I'm new to xml.

What is the best way to structure conditions in XML.
For instance if i have 3 elements a,b,c
 <contents> aaa </contents>
 <contents> bbb</contents>
 <contents> ccc </contents>

how do i include rules in the xml doc to say that 
i> display either a OR b OR c contents in a GUI if
their contents are not empty as part of the xml doc or
a dtd.
ii> display b only if the contents of c is "ccc"

Basically i want my program logic as part of my xml
document so that the program can be generic and the
end user will need only to edit a xml document and not
the sorce code that parses it.

I want the processing rules also part of the xml data.
is this possible?



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