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From timtwwa...@netscape.net
Subject RE: Re: Help! Exception importing DocumentFragment
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 03:04:19 GMT
Yes, the problem went away with Xerces1. That's how I resolved the immediate problem. 

I'll be glad to attempt a patch -- I'm just not that familiar with the code.

Thanks for responding. 

Edwin Goei <edwingo@sun.com> wrote:

>timtwwatts@netscape.net wrote:
>> I believe I have run into a bug in Crimson. I get an exception when I try to import
a DocumentFragment node when it contains a child element which has attributes.
>I've seen your report three times now, but unfortunately I don't have
>time to look at it.  Do you have a patch?  Have you tried your program
>with another parser like Xerces2 or Xerces1?
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