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From "Thomas B. Passin" <tpas...@mitretek.org>
Subject Re: conditions in XML
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 14:39:15 GMT
That's what xslt stylesheets are for, and you are on the wrong list.  Go to
the xslt list


But you have to be more definite about what you have in mind if you want to
get some help. Your question so far is like saying "I think I might make a
dessert.  How should I do that?".


Tom P

[Rock VZ]

> What is the best way to structure conditions in XML.
> For instance if i have 3 elements a,b,c
> <a>
>  <contents> aaa </contents>
> </a>
> <b>
>  <contents> bbb</contents>
> </b>
> <c>
>  <contents> ccc </contents>
> </c>
> how do i include rules in the xml doc to say that
> i> display either a OR b OR c contents in a GUI if
> their contents are not empty as part of the xml doc or
> a dtd.
> ii> display b only if the contents of c is "ccc"
> Basically i want my program logic as part of my xml
> document so that the program can be generic and the
> end user will need only to edit a xml document and not
> the sorce code that parses it.
> I want the processing rules also part of the xml data.
> is this possible?

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