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From "Pae Choi" <paec...@earthlink.net>
Subject Re: [POLL] ebXML Reg./Rep. on Apache?
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 00:46:43 GMT
It is nice to see more momentum in the open source community to realize the
ebXML artifacts, as well as other standards.

For the underlyng communication mechanism, e.g., SOAP here, it will be
better to go with AXIS for the long-range goal. IApache/SOAP v2.2, however,
will be sufficient to meet the current SOAP requirement, i.e., SOAP v1.1 of
the ebXML specification for a short and immediate needs.

In addition, since JAXM will be a part of the J2SE and J2EE(if not already),
I also would recommend the feasibility study to see if we can go with the
JAXM as an alternative for both short and long range goals.

I believe that we also consider to use the internediate layer, e.g., [ebXML
between the Registry and SOAP. Because the message exchanged between
them is mainly CPP and the CPP can be the payload of ebXML Message(
a.k.a., Message Package). In that case, we can use the commone [ebXML TS]
layer not only for the communications between the Registry and Entities,
Senders and Receivers, but also for the P2P communciations mechanism
between the Entities. This will result the consistent communication
that meets the [ebXML TA] requiremets as well.

At the bottom line, we first need to define and agree on the SPI which is
interface between Registry and the underlying communication mechanism,
e.g., ebXML MSH, SOAP or both. In this way, we can develop the RIs
independently and easily plug them in and off as an additional or
solution. This will also prevent the Registry locking to a single RI. And
are more benefits in this component-based design pattern and they are
well known.


>Todate the project has been worked on within Sun by myself and my team. I
have been an active contributor to the OASIS ebXML Registry specifications
since version 0.1. I have verbal commitment from at least 3 other members of
the OASIS ebXML Registry TC all of whom are key contributors to the
>As far as Axis plans and coordination the thinking is as follows. The OASIS
ebXML Registry RI will be implemented as a SOAP based web service. I am not
familiar enough about the state of Axis to say whether the implementation
would use Axis or Apache SOAP for Java at this point. I look for guidance
from the Axis community on that score.
>I assume the open source ebXML Implementation you refer to is
openebxml.org. If so, they are working on an ebXML messaging Service
implementation. I am not aware of any open source implementations of the
OASIS ebXML Registry at this point.
>This software donation from Sun is intended to be broadly supported by many
people from several companies. As mentioned earlier I have verbal commitment
from 3 individuals outside of Sun. We are working with the OASIS ebXML
Registry TC to get their blessings for making this implementation be the
Reference Implementation for the specifications, complete with conformance
>Finally, your help on this project would be greatly appreciated. I will
contact you off-line.
>Jeff Benjamin wrote:
>> I would like to offer assistance in developing and stabilizing an Apache
ebXML implementation.  However, I am first interested in who has been
involved to date and what other groups they have been working with.  Also,
how does the plan fit with the Axis plans or has thought even been given to
it?  I know of at least one other open source ebXML initiative that is close
to completion and is being based off of Axis.  If this software donation
from Sun is intended to be an isolated imlementation supported by one or two
people, then it could clearly be detrimental to the other not-as-well-known
>> Thanks,
>> Jeff Benjamin
>> Peter Kacandes wrote:
>> > Greetings,
>> >
>> > We have submitted the following proposal (see below) for a new
sub-project at
>> > Apache to complete a specification compliant implementation of the
ebXMLRR based
>> > on a project that was initiated at Sun.
>> >
>> > The code base for this proposal was developed by a team that is
>> > working on the JavaTM API for XML Registries ('JAXR'). However, this
project is
>> > not part of JAXR in any way. It is not an API but an actual
implementation (
>> > which is on the order of 60-75% complete) of the specification. Note
also that
>> > this code base is different from the binaries available on the Sun web
>> > Although we have shown this implementation we have not previously made
>> > available to the public. The code base does not have any requirements
for an app
>> > server nor an ldap server.
>> >
>> > If you might have any interest in working on this project, then it
would be most
>> > helpful for you to send an email to the general@xml.apache.org alias
(you may
>> > have to sign up on the alias first if you are not already a
>> >
>> > With your support and help, I am confident that we could create a
robust ebXMLRR
>> > implementation community.
>> >
>> > cheers
>> >
>> > Peter
>> >
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>> >
>> > Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 18:27:58 -0700 (PDT)
>> > From: Peter Kacandes <Peter.Kacandes@Sun.COM>
>> > Subject: [POLL] ebXML Reg./Rep. on Apache?
>> > To: general@xml.apache.org
>> > Cc: pnk@wcs.SFBay.Sun.COM, farrukh.najmi@east.sun.com,
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>> >
>> > Background:
>> >
>> > ebXML (electronic business XML) is an initiative sponsored by OASIS and
>> > UN/CEFACT to create "a modular suite of specifications that enables
>> > of any size and in any geographical location to conduct business over
>> > Internet."
>> >
>> > One of the specifications in the ebXML suite deals with XML registries
>> > repositories: "The OASIS ebXML Registry TC develops specifications to
>> > interoperable registries and repositories, with an interface that
>> > submission, query and retrieval on the contents of the registry and
>> >
>> > Details can be found at:
>> > http://www.ebxml.org/
>> > http://www.ebxml.org/specs/index.htm#technical_specifications
>> > http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/regrep/
>> >
>> > As part of our work on the ebXML initiative, Sun Microsystems Inc. has
>> > a JavaTM based implementation of the registry and repository
specification that
>> > we have shown on various occasions such as trade show demos.
>> >
>> > We have received numerous inquiries from many different parts of the
>> > community expressing interest in being able to work on this
implementation to
>> > produce a fully specification compliant implementation.
>> >
>> > Sun has determined and given approval for making this implementation
>> > to an open source community. Consequently, we would like to submit this
>> > to the members of the Apache XML project for consideration of accepting
>> > donation as a sub-project.
>> >
>> > Thank you very much for your attention to and consideration for this
>> >
>> > We look foward to your questions, comments, or concerns.
>> >
>> > Sincerely yours,
>> >
>> > Peter Kacandes
>> >
>> > Sr. Product Manager, Java XML APIs phone number: 408 276 7139, X17139
>> > Java Software Products email: peter.kacandes@sun.com
>> >
>> > ------------- End Forwarded Message -------------
>> >
>> > Peter Kacandes
>> >
>> > Sr. Product Manager, Java XML APIs phone number: 408 276 7139, X17139
>> > Java Software Products email: peter.kacandes@sun.com
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