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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Interproject dependencies, versioning issues, and gump
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 16:09:11 GMT
---- you   "Sam Ruby" <rubys@us.ibm.com> wrote ----
> For those unaware of what Gump is, it is an initiative that I started
> year to see if I could help raise awareness of version compatibility
> and increase the amount of timely communications between independent
> subprojects.

A rousing round of +1's for Sam's volunteer efforts to setup and maintain
this very useful system!

> I am setting aside some time in the next week or two to try
> to increase the documentation for this, but I decided to start with this
> e-mail. This is a general status report on the state of the various
projects which
> I try to follow with Gump.

Waaait a second - writing documentation? Are we sure this is the real Sam
Ruby?  8-)   I was about to just dive into the code to setup Gump on my
machine finally next week - now I guess I can just wait to read the novel!

> DOM3 adds methods to the DocumentImpl interface.  This requires source
>    code changes in projects which implement this interface.  This affects
>    dbxml.    Despite the relatively recent release of Ant, most Avalon
projects will
>    not build with that version of Ant.  They require a small but
>    change in the jar task.  Of course, they build with the version of Ant
>    checked into their respective cvs's, but the question is: do we really
>    want or need a separate version of Ant for every component?

Re: Ant jars: Although I think Xalan will continue to keep a checked-in
ant.jar in it's CVS as a convenience to first-time users, I support
'suggesting' that all projects strive to ensure their builds run
sucessfully with both user-installed copies of Ant and with the latest
versions of Ant.

Re: DOM3 interfaces: those interested in xml-commons might want to discuss
when/how/where we should check these interfaces in over there (and the
important question, when other projects will start using xml-commons to get
DOM/SAX/JAXP sources, to follow in Crimson's wake)

> - Sam Ruby
- Shane

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