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From "David Lindquist" <dlindqu...@softroots.com>
Subject form field data "bound" to XML nodes?
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2001 18:40:21 GMT

Is there an easy way for form field data sent from a web page to populate
nodes in an XML file? I am trying to deal with the problem of
non-hierarchical data (name/value pairs sent from the form) having to find
its way into a hierarchical data structure (the XML file) on the server
side. To my knowledge, web browsers can only send form data via HTTP as
name/value pairs.

My only thoughts so far have been to devise a (ridiculously) complex naming
scheme for the form element names that would somehow correspond to an XPath
expression, or to build a JavaScript object representing the data structure
that could be serialized into XML and sent as the sole name/value pair.
These seem to me to be very kludgey.

There must be an easier way. Any ideas?


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