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From "Dean H. Saxe" <d...@fullfrontalnerdity.com>
Subject RE: XSLT Processing of a node...twice
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2001 12:35:58 GMT
At 02:10 PM 9/24/01 -0700, you wrote:
>TransformerHandlerImpl implements ContentHandler and it gets set as the
>ContentHandler of an XMLFilter somewhere.  I'm just not exactly sure
>where at the moment.  I meant to look at the actual type rather than the
>declared type.  Also, I'd like to take this discussion over to the
>xalan-j-users list since that is where it really belongs.


Good plan moving this to the Xalan list... I just found it yesterday.

Anyway, to recap for those who missed out, I am trying to process a node 
twice, in succession.  Gary suggested using XMLFilter classes and pulling 
the XML document through multiple sequential filters.  My only problem is 
that I need to dynamically set properties in the stylesheet at 
runtime.  Normally I would use: transformer.setParameter("foo", 
"bar");  However, in the XMLFilter classes there appears to be no method to 
set parameters on the transformer contained within the XMLFilter.  =-(

Another question is what other stylesheet processors support the use of 
XMLFilters.  I need to be able to use this technology with multiple 
different XSL processors, just in case someone decides that a different 
processor is "better" for whatever reason.


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