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From "Dean H. Saxe" <d...@fullfrontalnerdity.com>
Subject XSLT Processing of a node...twice
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 17:19:35 GMT
I'm curious about an issue which I have been thinking about for a few days 
now.  Here's the situation, I'm receiving XML files which need to be 
transformed to HTML and a number of other formats.  During the 
transformation I may need to do some user specific processing, such as 
changing the language of the text from English to French.  After spending 
some time reading various techniques to do so I have realized that I will 
need to process two transformations, first from XML -> HTML/XML with some 
additional tags identifying nodes which need translation, second processing 
the translatable nodes to the appropriate language.

My question is this: Can I process both transformations simultaneously?  I 
was thinking along the lines of a stylesheet that contains templates for 
matching text nodes which are potentially translatable, if a translation 
property is set the first template will call the translation template to do 
the text replacement before completing the first template.

Does this seem like a reasonable approach or should I stick with sequential 
transformations of the document?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!


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