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From Chad Johnson <ch...@leary.csoft.net>
Subject Java XSLT performance question
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2001 05:26:49 GMT
  Here's a question that has been bothering me for a few days.  I've been
attempting to utilize XML and XSL as the VIEW portion of MVC (Xerces /
Xalan D9, on linux [p3 500 512ram], tried both sun's and ibm 1.3.x jdk)
for web developement with Java.

What I'm seeing is atleast a 1 second (if not slightly longer) execution
time coupled with a maxed out cpu on a very simple transform (the provided
SimpleTransform sample with striped down xsl and xml files).  Here's the
question:  Is that normal?

I've also run the same app on a win2k box and have had similar results so
I'm lead to believe yes.

If it is normal, the obvious conclusion is that web developemnt utlizing a
transform per page view just isn't feasable.  Am I making a correct

I'm by no means a Java or XML/XSL guru so feel free to slap me around bit.

-Chad Johnson

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