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From Scott_B...@lotus.com
Subject Re: xml-commons XML API and API evolution
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 19:32:47 GMT

> BTW, is it necessary that xalan.jar contains DOM and SAX classes?  Since
> xalan depends on a parser in a separate jar,

Not quite true.  You can use Xalan/javax.xml.transform without ever loading
a parser, if you are just supplying SAX2 events or DOM2 objects.

> then maybe it can depend on
> the parser for supplying the DOM and SAX classes and simultaneously
> minimize duplication of code.  Even more reason to optimize for #1, yet
> share common source code.

This is somewhat of a philosophical question.  If my code uses APIs, and
those APIs are not in a system library, should my code come self-contained?
My basic answer to this is, yes, I should be able to supply objects that
implement or call these APIs within my application program, and not have to
worry about loading another library that happens to implement these APIs.

If an xml-apis.jar existed, then I would be glad enough to require that jar

So I guess I lean towards option #3, with the stipulation that it only
contain GA level releases of the APIs.  But #1 is a fine stepping-stone
towards this.


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