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From "Joseph Kesselman" <kesh...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: xml-commons XML API and API evolution
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2001 14:20:38 GMT

Thanks for copying me; I don't seem to be subscribed to general.,,

>So are you saying you prefer the following option?
>  + Optimize for #2 (less code duplication)

>From a code cleanliness/robustness/extensibility point of view, yes, I
think so.

But I recognize that there are convenience issues which will cause folks to
feel otherwise; it's one more opportunity for users to botch their
classpaths. On the other hand, given how often we have to explain to them
that the ordering of the classpath may implicitly affect which level of the
DOM they see, maybe making this explicit would be a good thing.

It does mean buying ourselves a short-term reeducation effort, though.

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

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